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Cornerstone 1-532
Cornerstone 1-532 Leehong Kim Architects Leehong Kim received his BS in Architectural Engineering from Yonsei University in 2004 and Master in Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 2009. His work experiences include positions at Gehry Partners, SAMOO Architects & Engineers, and Steven Holl Architect...
Architectrue | 2016.01.08
tag. Bugahyeon-dong , Seoul , Leehong Kim , Leehong Kim Architects
Hotel KHAN
Hotel KHAN AIN Group Choi Younghee graduated from the architectural engineering department of Young-nam University and received her Master's degree and completed Doctoral course at Yonsei University in Korea. After a period at Space Group and Samoo Architects & Engineers, she opened her own practice, AIN Group with Ch...
Architectrue | 2015.11.06
tag. Hotel KHAN , AIN Group , Hotel in Yengdeungpo-gu , Seoul
Seoul, Investigating Quality with ‘Housing Governance’
Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, In Pursuit of a Alternative Form of Housing Prior to 2000, as capital continued to pour into Northeast Asian cities, urban policy was largely based upon quantitative growth built on the cornerstones of rapid economic growth, skyrocketing populations and increased productivity. Yet, such engines of growth...
Architectrue | 2015.04.23
tag. shared housing , social houses , Seoul , housing issue in Asia
Critique_Agora Created by
Gwanghwamun Square was opened on August 1, 2009. It is the third square to recently open in downtown Seoul, following Seoul Plaza, located in front of the City Hall, and Cheonggye Plaza, situated at the beginning of the Cheonggyecheon Stream area. Seoul Plaza opened in 2004, so it seems that there has been a proliferation of squares being...
Urban | 2009.10.28
tag. Seoul , Gwanghwamun , square , forum , agora
Interview_Gwanghwamun Square as a Space Desired by Citizens: Lee Young-sim
Interview_Lee Young-sim(Downtown Area Development Division, Seoul Metropolitan Government) With Gwanghwamun Square as the latest square to open in the heart of Seoul, the four squares on the axis line of Seoul's history and culture (hereafter, Axis One have all been completed. They have been all created on Seoul's representative ...
Urban | 2009.10.26
tag. Gwanghwamun , Square , National Street , Seoul , history
Book | 2009.06.01
tag. seoul , social sustainability , unesco
The Nodle Island: Taking on Numerous Layers of Ideas
From the international idea contest that had begun in 2005 through two invitation-only design contests, Seoul City finally selected the finalist last March for the Seoul Performing Arts Center. In spite of concerns and problems dealt with by the previous administration over land, symphony hall program, conservation, environment, and trans...
Architectrue | 2009.04.30
tag. Numerous , korea , seoul , Park Seung-hong , Lee Sang-leem , Thom Mayne , prize
Han River Bridges Connects between Citizen & Han River
At the time when the Gangnam district had to be developed by overcoming the physical limitations imposed by the Han River, the river was seen as an obstacle blocking access to the southern and northern parts of Seoul. Twenty-nine bridges across the Han River were merely mechanical reactions to overcome that situation, and the Han River ha...
Architectrue | 2009.04.27
tag. Han River , korea , seoul , Bridges , Hwang Doo-jin , Choi Wook , Kwon Moon-sung
In-between Spaces in Our City, Nadeulmok
From among the number of pathways that one can choose to escape from the forest of buildings into the Hangang Parks, the nadeulmok (underground walkways) connect apartment complexes to the Han River on the ground level, allowing citizens easy access to the parks. However, their desolate pedestrian look, exacerbated by cement walls and int...
Architectrue | 2009.04.24
tag. Nadeulmok , System Lab , seoul , korea , Han River
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