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Silentium Yoon Hwon Yoon Hwon studied architectural engineering at Kyunghee University and Kyunghee Graduate School. He worked at Geo Design and Kun-Won Architects, and later taught architecture at Woosong Technical College. He was a tutor at SAKIA and served as the Secretary General of the Research Institute of Architectu...
Architectrue | 2014.11.24
tag. Yoon Hwon , House , Gyeonggi-do , Korea
A Travel Destination Created by Architects, Boutique Hotels
In recent years travel has become increasingly important, with the public’s heightened desire for leisure. Subsequently, hotels are no longer mere temporary lodgings, but places which must answer to increasingly finicky demands. Dull motels, with their monotonous designs which smack of the endless church spires scattered throughout ...
Urban | 2014.10.07
tag. Boutique Hotels , Korea
The Korean Pavilion at the 2013 Venice Biennale, 'To breath: Bottari' by Kimsooja
AN ANOMALY IN THE PALACE OF SELF-WORLDS Venice Biennale Korean Pavilion, To Breathe: Bottari’ by Kimsooja 1. Jun. – 29. Nov. 2013 Lee, Sohl (Art critic and curator) Courtesy of Kukje Gallery & Kimsooja Studio, ©Chong, Jaeho This year’s Korean Pavilion at the Venice Biennale is an anomaly. ...
Art & Design | 2013.08.06
tag. venice biennale , korea , kimsooja
Displaying Korea Dynamism through Architecture
The exhibition New Trajectories: Convergent Flux, Korea , which includes some of Korea’s architecture, scenery and city designs will be held at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University. This exhibition is part of the New Trajectories Series held at Harvard. Every year, a country that stands out the most in architecture is...
Architectrue | 2010.02.04
tag. GSD , korea , Architecture
The Nodle Island: Taking on Numerous Layers of Ideas
From the international idea contest that had begun in 2005 through two invitation-only design contests, Seoul City finally selected the finalist last March for the Seoul Performing Arts Center. In spite of concerns and problems dealt with by the previous administration over land, symphony hall program, conservation, environment, and trans...
Architectrue | 2009.04.30
tag. Numerous , korea , seoul , Park Seung-hong , Lee Sang-leem , Thom Mayne , prize
Han River Bridges Connects between Citizen & Han River
At the time when the Gangnam district had to be developed by overcoming the physical limitations imposed by the Han River, the river was seen as an obstacle blocking access to the southern and northern parts of Seoul. Twenty-nine bridges across the Han River were merely mechanical reactions to overcome that situation, and the Han River ha...
Architectrue | 2009.04.27
tag. Han River , korea , seoul , Bridges , Hwang Doo-jin , Choi Wook , Kwon Moon-sung
The AmorePacific Daejeon Office is the second office built outside of Seoul (the first office being located in Gwangu). The new office corresponds to the company's corporate image of transparency and "cleanliness". These out-of-Seoul offices have become prototypes, with similar long cores and condensed functions, construction of the ...
Architectrue | 2009.04.24
tag. AMOREPACIFIC , DAEJEON , OFFICE , Kim Jong-kyu , M.A.R.U , korea , daejeon
In-between Spaces in Our City, Nadeulmok
From among the number of pathways that one can choose to escape from the forest of buildings into the Hangang Parks, the nadeulmok (underground walkways) connect apartment complexes to the Han River on the ground level, allowing citizens easy access to the parks. However, their desolate pedestrian look, exacerbated by cement walls and int...
Architectrue | 2009.04.24
tag. Nadeulmok , System Lab , seoul , korea , Han River
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