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Wisnu House
Jakarta is situated in a humid, tropical climate. With a temperature range from 28 - 32°C and a humidity of around 90%, buildings should be designed to shelter activities that suit the people during the day. Air conditioning is a common shortcut, but there will always be ways to challenge this tendency. The programming of sp...
Architectrue | 2009.05.21
tag. Wisnu , House , Jakarta , Indonesia , Ahmad Djuhara
Studi-o Cahaya
This project was designed after Adi Purnomo released his book Relativitas, which discussed the attitude of placing actual and rational reasons at the base of his design decisions. It was a time when rationality re-questioned whether the exploring of creativity could become a tool, or whether it created limitations in the attempt to f...
Architectrue | 2009.05.18
tag. o Cahaya , Jakarta , Indonesia , mamostudio
Trafacon Office Project
The Trafacon office building is situated on the city's green area site at Jl. Durian, Jagakarsa, south of Jakarta. The main function of the building is a headquarters office for Trafacon, a construction company founded in Jakarta in 2001. It embodies a number of main programmatic elements, including the main office, an advertising of...
Architectrue | 2009.05.18
tag. Jakarta , Indonesia , office , Trafacon
Setiabudi Medan House
Not knowing the living culture of the Karo ethnic client, the design process was started by observing glimpses of their daily lives: This was done by living for three weeks with them. The custom of getting together and eating together is the most obvious custom in the family. The core areas of the house are the bedroom, a multi-purpo...
Architectrue | 2009.05.14
tag. Setiabudi Medan , House , Indonesia
Bea House
'Bea' house, an abbreviation for 'beautiful,'does not only represent the beauty of the house; it has a deeper significance to Antony Liu, as he sees the beauty of God's plans and works in a family's life. This belief is shown in architectural details. According to its function, the house is divided into three masses: The prominent ma...
Architectrue | 2009.05.12
tag. Bea , House , TonTon , Gading Serpong , Indonesia
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