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Plain House
Plain HouseWutopia LabA Plain and Intense House of PainterYu Ting (principal, Wutopia Lab) × SPACESPACE: This is a renovation project in which artist Li Bin’s two studios have been renovated into a house and a museum. Isozaki remodeled the first studio into the museum, and Wutopia Lab redesigned the second one into the house. What is th...
Architectrue | 2018.03.08
tag. China , Shanghai , Wutopia Lab , House , Painter
SongGokChunGa Jeongeup House
SongGokChunGa Jeongeup House studio MORPH Park Jongmin received his bachelor of science in Architecture from Sungkyunkwan University and studied architecture again at SA school after he worked at LOTTE E&C. At Yang Jinsuk architecture office, he was staff in various projects as senior designer. He currently opened his own ...
Architectrue | 2015.04.09
tag. studio MORPH , Park Jongmin , House
Silentium Yoon Hwon Yoon Hwon studied architectural engineering at Kyunghee University and Kyunghee Graduate School. He worked at Geo Design and Kun-Won Architects, and later taught architecture at Woosong Technical College. He was a tutor at SAKIA and served as the Secretary General of the Research Institute of Architectu...
Architectrue | 2014.11.24
tag. Yoon Hwon , House , Gyeonggi-do , Korea
Yang-Pyeong vacation house
Yang-Pyeong vacation house Archigroup MA Yoo Byung-An received his B.Arch and Master of Architecture at Myongji University and trained as an architect while working as an officer of naval facilities. He had worked in Washington D.C and New York from 2000 and was a creative director of the Under New York project from 200...
Architectrue | 2014.10.31
tag. Archigroup MA , house , Architect You Byung-An , Yang-Pyeong
5×17 SMALL HOUSES JMY architects Yoon Jaemin received his master’s degree at Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Techniques (EAST) in 1998, and Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV) in 2006. Also he was certified as a L’Habilitation à exercer la Maîtrise d’oeuvre en s...
Architectrue | 2014.10.10
tag. JMY architects , Yoon Jaemin , Korean Architect , Busan , House
Wisnu House
Jakarta is situated in a humid, tropical climate. With a temperature range from 28 - 32°C and a humidity of around 90%, buildings should be designed to shelter activities that suit the people during the day. Air conditioning is a common shortcut, but there will always be ways to challenge this tendency. The programming of sp...
Architectrue | 2009.05.21
tag. Wisnu , House , Jakarta , Indonesia , Ahmad Djuhara
Setiabudi Medan House
Not knowing the living culture of the Karo ethnic client, the design process was started by observing glimpses of their daily lives: This was done by living for three weeks with them. The custom of getting together and eating together is the most obvious custom in the family. The core areas of the house are the bedroom, a multi-purpo...
Architectrue | 2009.05.14
tag. Setiabudi Medan , House , Indonesia
Bea House
'Bea' house, an abbreviation for 'beautiful,'does not only represent the beauty of the house; it has a deeper significance to Antony Liu, as he sees the beauty of God's plans and works in a family's life. This belief is shown in architectural details. According to its function, the house is divided into three masses: The prominent ma...
Architectrue | 2009.05.12
tag. Bea , House , TonTon , Gading Serpong , Indonesia
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