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Brilliant Cube

Brilliant Cube
Jin-Yo Mok + Media artist group: Jonpasang

The Discovery of ‘Publicness’
and Playfulness in Technology
Lim Shan

An artistic intervention in an open public area—not in the usual galleries or art museums—expands the context in which art is viewed, offering a wider territory for contemporary imagination and daily life. Most significantly, the public art of the metropolis has stirred up discussion concerning its materialization, role, effect in terms of a historical standpoint and the cultural industry epidemiological relationship. It plays a crucial role in discussions of modern art. Public art is an artistic practice in the city that takes a physical occupation. and the process of it, and the way in which it interacts with the consciousness of the public or becomes a symbol representing a particular place, holds secretive interaction between the various factors which make a city. This can also be found in the experiments of artists who strive to pioneer a new form of art through the artistic potential of recent revolutionary technology.
Brilliant Cube designed by Jin-Yo Mok and the Media artist group: Jonpasang (Earl Park, Sookyun Yang, Jinwook Yeo, Sangwook Yoo, Seonghun Bae), is the result of a public art commissiotn funded by Hyundai Motor Company and Gangnam-gu Office. It is located in Seoul, Gangnam which is at the centre of Seoul’s finance and entertainment industry. The number of people that go in and out of Gangnam station is close to one million a day. To these people, Brilliant Cube is not some mundane, two-dimensional spectacle like the sparkling billboards on the locality’s skyscrapers, but something of an architectural vision that escapes from the entrapping reality of everyday life, for at least a moment. The role of converging the scenery of the busy city into this magical crystal cube is done by 576 LED poles. The work created by Jin-Yo Mok, Jussi Angesleva, and Alvaro Cassinelli expressed Hyundai Motor Company’s slogan of ‘Live Brilliant’ through variations of waves of light, and produced a silhouette of emotion that atomizes the city’s sharp angles.
Brilliant Cube is a digital matrix in the form of a physical structure. It is one possibility of media art that intervenes in how creativity may play out within the city. We can see that the former emotional interaction between man and machine, which for so long acted as the source of inspiration for artists as a penetrating glimpse into their own mind or to set up a social issue, has now advanced to a whole new level on which it inspires new revelations regarding creation and the overall system of appreciation. Moreover, Brilliant Cube once again holds a proper contemporary historical meaning in its form of collaboration. The network of administrations, businesses, and art is heading towards a consensual model of cultural productivity in the community. Furthermore, Brilliant Cube doesn’t focus on raising awarness of technological rhetoric but rather on media art’s current remit of continuous recreation, while originating from technology’s public nature. As such, this shining cube does not let itself become trapped in the economical plot of the urban background, but experiments with the the city’s expectations of the public and playful nature of technology.

Contents scenario
Image courtesy of Media artist group: Jonpasang
Transparent pipes (acting as grab-poles) attached on the lower plate support the stable rectilinear movement of LED poles.

The artist Jin-Yo Mok received his BFA and MFA from Hongik University and continued his studies at New York University. His artwork has been featured, invited and collected by many major museums over the world: Guggenheim Bilbao, Ars Electronica Festival, Whitney Museum etc. Back in Korea he founded the Media artist Group: Jonpasang and created the Hyper-Matrix, for the Hyundai Motor Group in Yeosu Expo, and an LED media facade for Shinsegae Mall in Seoul. He is currently a professor at Yonsei University for Digital art.

The writer Lim Shan received a Ph.D. in philosophy after majoring in media arts and culturology at Lancaster University. He is currently the professor for the curatorial department in Dongduk Women’s University. He also worked as a curator for Gallery Loop, an editor for Wolgan Misool (Monthly Art), and as the head of the art department for art centre nabi. He recently translated Erwin Panofsky’s Meaning in the Visual Arts into Korean, and in 2012 published his own book, Aesthetics of Convergence: Nam June Paik’s Early Works in Germany, 1956-1963. Lim Shan also worked at SPACE from 2002 to 2004 as an exhibition reviewer.

Designer: Jin-Yo Mok + Media artist group: Jonpasang
Location: Gangnam station M-stage Square, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,Korea
Size: 6×6×6m
Structure: Steel frame (H beam, I beam, Custom Steel frame)
Structrual engineer: Media artist group: Jonpasang
Lighting design: Media artist group: Jonpasang, LUXONE
Engineering design: Media artist group: Jonpasang, Intech Korea
Construction: Cube Interior
Design period: June−July 2013
Construction period: July−Sep. 2013
Completion: Oct. 2013
Budget: 1.5million USD
Client: INNOCEAN worldwide, Hyundai Motor Company

materials provided by Media artist group: Jonpasang│photographed by Shin Kyungsub (unless otherwise indicated)

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