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On Living Together: DESIGNGROUP OZ Architects
How do we live with others? In an increasingly individualized society, where bonds with our neighbours have become a desperate craving, DESIGNGROUP OZ Architects is searching for a solution by creating spaces that provide opportunities to connect individual lives and collectives. Their recent focus is on rooftop spaces. By placing rooft...
tag.  DESIGNGROUP OZ Architects , Korean Architect
The Creation of an Image and a New Spatial Environment: JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE
‘Spatial approaches and design solutions should change according to the industrial environment and the specific working method’: a word from Jinwoo Lim (CEO, JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE), who asks for a period of new spatial transformation in our time by focusing upon the intimate relationship between the spatial environment and the corpo...
tag.  JUNGLIM ARCHITECTURE , office design , research center design
Playful Architecture: MOONBALSSO
Moon Hoon’s architecture is, in a word, ‘amusing’. Characterised by a luminescent charm that pervades its surroundings, his architecture offers the feeling of a perpetual walk along a vibrant Mobius strip. What might the source of this joy be? They are not all buildings with a strong sense of concept, as in the Busan Times which presid...
Box plus Gable: BCHO Architects Associates
Byoung Cho have been explaining and developing architecture with a ‘box’ that will speak to a conceptual and sculptural language. Of his recent work, several projects show new features characterised by a gable structure landed on a box. A gable is one of a number of archetypal structures in architecture, as well as iconic in terms of re...
Another Way of Discussing Life
Yang Soo-in of Lifethings, experienced in architecture, has set forth his views on not only architecture but also on other fields. Covering a broad range of areas such as architecture, design, arts, and marketing, he has designed buildings, public pavilions, installation works, brand campaign videos, and even robots. His desire to collect...
An Architectural System of the Technology and the Psychology: THE_SYSTEM LAB
@import url(asp.css); @import url(asp.css); ⓒKim Yongkwan From the Paul Smith Flagship Store to the Hannam-dong Office The One, the mixture of peculiar forms and free curvatures presented by architect Kim Chanjoong (principal, THE_SYSTEM LAB) are the result of the changing property affairs, production methods, and emergent te...
A Refined Landscape, a Tuned Relationship: Yoo Hyunjoon
ⓒPark Youngchea ‘I would like to reconnect severed relationships through my works,’ said Yoo Hyunjoon. He controls the connection between the functions and activities of building users, and establishes relationships between of spaces through intersecting viewpoints. Thus, his architecture always includes both the frame and the ga...
tag.  Yoo Hyunjoon , Hyunjoon Yoo Architects
Publicness: To the Practice of Value Beyond the Rhetoric: Interkerd Architects
ⓒKim Jae Youn Quite frankly, when an architect speaks of ‘publicness’ it seems to be a clichéd concept. How many projects could be examples of ‘publicness’, which most architects ponder over, when not confined to the self-interpretation of the architect and shown in the public’s daily life and architectural proces...
tag.  Interkerd Architects
Structure and Skin, and the Landscape by Their Relationship: Office of Contemporary Architecture
ⓒKyungsub Shin Insisting that ‘architects must propose prototypes that reflect trends and changes of their time’, Jae Y. Lim has long explored the relationship between structure and skin as a formative methodology in the search for a new prototype. Due to today’s diversified structural methods and materials, structure and sk...
tag.  Jae Y. Lim , Office of Contemporary Architecture
A Place, The Source of Inspiration and Sensitivity: SKM Architects
ⓒKyungsub Shin Ken Min Sungjin has a unique reputation within the Korean architectural world, which adds meaning to his consistent approach in project execution methods and the evaluation of his work. He is an ‘architect’ who is faithful towards the intrinsic function of and reasons behind the existence of architects more ...
tag.  Ken Min Sungjin , The Ananti Penthouse Seoul , SKM Architects
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